Time to get your sales team running like a well oiled machine! 


      Call Recording        Tracking and listening.


It's time to clean up your team!

SalesComm offers a variety of training options to help your team to improve! We will help you to clean up your calls and become great sales men and women. 

1. In person training: You will get a hands on experience listening and role playing calls that your team has taken. You will receive training on how to control a conversation and get your potential client to commit.  

2. Phone training: You will receive hour long phone trainings following the in person training. This is to help you remember and retain the information taught at the in person training. We will play your calls, discuss them, and role play on how to improve. 

3. Video training: You will have access to our video library with loads of videos teaching you all about taking phone calls and how to succeed at doing so.

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Fresh sales paint can work wonders on a team



Good question. The best way to find out is to give us a call and set up a secret shop. We will call your business and see how your team handles it. We'll then set up a time with you to go over the call (we record all of our secret shops. Good idea huh :)